Engineering Consulting & Project Management

ScaleUp Partners offers innovative, cost-effective and efficient engineering design solutions across all areas of manufacturing, construction and fast-moving consumer group environments.

Our highly skilled engineers bring a full spectrum of skills to the table — electrical, process, design, reliability, and production line engineering, along with maintenance management.

We are an independently owned Australian company, committed to operating with integrity and helping clients increase their productivity and annual turnover at a fair price, so they can maximise the potential of their investment.

Audit Existing Manufacturing Operations

We conduct thorough audits, ranging from targeted problem areas to the entire supply chain to help identify areas for operational improvement.

Address Operational Weaknesses

We identify issues with operator training and enhance overall engagement to keep initiatives from stalling.

Eliminate Deficiencies in Maintenance & Supply Chain

We assess and improve production equipment reliability and key elements of the supply chain to ensure continuous improvement.

Eliminate The Bottlenecks

We apply constraints elimination practices to drive out bottlenecks across the manufacturing cycle.

“Peter quickly grasped the critical requirements and moulded them into technical solutions that delivered high-calibre implementations. This included the design and implementation of a high-speed variety packing line, which involved upgrading six existing production lines.”

Sean Ferguson

Area Manager, Project Management Office, Tetrapak

“During our time working together at Unilever and then again at Campbell Arnotts Huntingwood, Peter demonstrated a strong passion for delivering continuous improvement. By challenging all aspects of existing systems and processes and developing trusting and respectful working relationships, he delivered excellent project outcomes.”

David Benton

Manufacturing Manager, Campbell Arnotts

“I worked with Peter on a number of projects, and he proved to be an extremely capable project manager. He demonstrated a respectful and cooperative approach, and his experience and application always delivered exceptional project outcomes.”

John Dennington

Former Supply Manager, Cerebos Foods

“Peter and I worked on various new packaging development and launches. He demonstrated a strong drive for continuous improvement and ensured maximum cross-functional engagement and cooperation across all projects and every aspect.”

John Barberio

Former Group Packaging Development Technologist, Cerebos Foods

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