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With increasing sales, you’ve noticed increasing restrictions in your facility’s capacity to efficiently keep growing. Larger production runs are taking longer to get through and you’re at risk of missing orders or declining new business.

This is a challenge that every growing factory will face on multiple occasions as it expands to its natural limits and tries to take advantage of growing orders and new business opportunities. Even the largest manufacturing companies around the world grapple with the dilemma of maximising sales from the existing facility versus when and how best to expand to enable the business to grow at the most optimal and sustainable growth rate.

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Strategically assess the best opportunities for your business expansion and new ones that present themselves
  • Reduce labour costs, increase daily throughputs, and improve the quality of your products
  • Plan a sequence for implementing your expansion so that it becomes a simple and straightforward process rather than a series of headaches
  • Determine the right time to invest in the assets necessary for your expansion
  • Separate the good technical solutions and features from the bad, and the downright ugly


For over 25 years, Peter Schier has been working with business owners and decision-makers in scaling up their manufacturing capabilities and creating a working relationship built on respect, trust, honesty and accountability.

As soon as Peter got his degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Newcastle, he jumped headlong into the industry, managing every aspect of products and lines, from single machine installs up to multiple production line design and implementation.

Peter knows what’s required to get the most from your most valuable assets, and he’s made it his mission to apply his expertise in the expansion of manufacturing businesses to the education of business owners and decision makers in this area.

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“I had the pleasure of managing Peter during the implementation of a number of critical projects for the Tetra Pak business. He was able to quickly grasp the client’s critical requirements and mould them into technical solutions that delivered high-calibre implementations.

Peter’s project contribution culminated with the design and implementation of a high speed variety packing line for a client in Brisbane, which involved upgrading of six existing production lines. Over a two-year period, Peter was able to develop the solution, convince the client to commit to proceeding and successfully implementing the solution.”

Sean Ferguson

Project Management Office Area Manager, Tetra Pak

“During our time working together at Unilever and then again at Campbell Arnotts Huntingwood, Peter demonstrated a strong passion for delivering continuous improvements in the projects he implemented. By challenging all aspects of existing systems and processes and through developing trusting and respectful working relationships with the shop floor operators and maintenance staff to maximise their support and contributions to deliver excellent project outcomes.”

David Benton

Manufacturing Manager, Campbell Arnotts

“I worked with Peter on a number of new projects over multiple categories, and he proved to be an extremely capable project manager. In all my dealings with him, he demonstrated a respectful and cooperative approach, conducting the project activities in a most professional manner. His experience and application always delivered exceptional project outcomes.”

John Dennington

Former Supply Chain Manager, Cerebos Foods (2009 to 2014)

“During Peter’s time at Cerebos Foods, I worked with Peter on various new packaging development and launches. Whereby Peter demonstrated a strong drive of delivering continuous improvements across all aspects of the projects he implemented. Peter worked well with various departmental representative to ensure maximum cross-functional engagement and cooperation over the duration of each of the projects.”

John Barberio

Group Packaging Development Technologist, Cerebos Foods (2007 to 2013)

Expanding your business is probably something you think about every working day and even occasionally on your days off. You may have your 1-, 2- or even 5- year expansion plans, along with sales and profit growth targets, bouncing around inside your head or mapped out on a white board — or maybe even filed away in a recent company expansion report.

At the surface level, growing your manufacturing business can appear to be a reasonably simple and even an exciting process—and it definitely should be an exciting process, since you’ve worked very hard to get to this point and you deserve the opportunity.

But it’s often far from simple…

This breakthrough book details how you can:

  • “Peel back” the layers of roadblocks, deviations and diversions that prevent you from achieving growth and reaching your sales and profit targets
  • Overcome the mindset constraints and deterrents that prevent or delay you from engaging in smart, targeted, sustainable growth


  • Effectively address current production constraints whilst planning for your expansion (without going crazy!)
  • Avoid being out of production during change-over phases
  • Efficiently manage new equipment process validations and verifications, and training of staff when it comes online