What Percentage Of Your Equipment Has Been Well Spec’d And Exceeds Performance Expectations?


Hey everybody, This is Peter Schier of Scale Up Partners, with a short video about some common mistakes made when purchasing equipment for manufacturing facilities.

In particular, why buying cheap, “poorly spec’d” production equipment nearly always proves several times more expensive over the expected operational life of that equipment. As opposed to the strategy of adopting a broader selection criteria, that’s targeted towards maximising productivity benefits for the facility, all whilst minimising life cycle cost of the plant.

I’ve witnessed on so many occasions the results of equipment or entire production lines purchased predominately because they were the cheapest option available, and how this limited selection process can then hinder that factory’s growth for years and on rare occasions contribute to a factory eventually closing.

Thus, it’s generally recommended to evaluate anywhere from 15 to 30 factors in a selection process, with some of the more notable criteria aiming to minimise factory integration costs, along with ongoing maintenance and operating costs over the expected life of the equipment. It’s also equally important to maximise machine safety design to reduce risk of incurring breach of safety penalties or even worse machine related accidents.

That’s where 25-years experience of establishing a deeper understanding of customer operational requirements can then lead to designing, specifying and implementing better planned production equipment, translating into multiple benefits for business owners wanting to deliver significant improvements to their facility.

OK, that’s all I wanted to discuss today and I look forward to sharing other insights in upcoming posts.

Goodbye for now.