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Planning Session

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Learn How To Manage Your Expansion From
The Foremost Authority In Facility Expansion!

Peter Schier is Australia’s foremost authority on the expansion of manufacturing businesses. For years, Peter has been the “go-to” expert for business owners and decision-makers who are planning to expand their business.

Peter has made it his mission to apply his expertise in the expansion of manufacturing businesses to the education of business owners and decision makers in this area. His insights and his experience have made him an invaluable asset to business owners and decision-makers planning to expand their manufacturing facilities.

Over more than two decades working with CEOs and business owners in scaling up their manufacturing capabilities, it struck Peter that too many of these wind up attempting to “reinvent the wheel” during the course of their facility expansions—often with frustrating and very troublesome results.

Peter now specialises in helping business owners and decision-makers plan and execute strategic (and successful) expansions of their manufacturing facilities.

This is an opportunity for you to benefit from Peter’s expertise as a world-class authority on expanding manufacturing businesses. A complimentary session with Peter will get you started with what you’ll need to plan and execute the expansion of your facility.

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