Some Important Factory Integration Considerations For Your Next Equipment Purchase


Hey everybody, This is Peter Schier of Scale Up Partners, with a short video about some factory integration considerations when purchasing equipment for you facility.

So, in particular, when planning your next kit of equipment, what considerations do you normally give to factors such as:

What changes maybe required to your existing equipment or factory layout to adapt the new equipment into your facility?

Will the new equipment arrive pre-tested and configured for correct operating heights, speeds, calibration setpoints for adapting to your factory requirements?

Will the various kits of equipment need communication links directly with each other, or can they operate as standalone machines?

Will you need to re-train your key factory staff to maximise benefits and operating life of the new equipment?

I’ve witnessed on so many occasions the results of business owners focusing on just the immediate outcomes expected from the new equipment, without giving adequate planning for the most fundamental of factory integration requirements.  

These and other considerations, such as general machine safety compliance and safe stopping distances for people entering into the equipment, line control, forklift interactions, material loading points and many others, can all significantly impact the success of your new equipment installation.

Thus, it’s generally recommended to create a list of critical design and installation parameters to work through your initial equipment selection process, along with relevant install and commission considerations.

That’s where extensive experience with developing machine specifications, pre-order checklists and site integration plans have proved beneficial for so many projects implemented over recent years.

OK, that’s all I wanted to discuss today and I look forward to sharing other insights in upcoming posts.  

Goodbye for now.