Keeping The Nearby Creek Clean!

A Sewerage Pumping Station Infrastructure Upgrade

A local Engineering firm requested guidance on the direct engineering design and execution of a recently awarded Government Sewerage Pumping Station Infrastructure project.

The station had not been upgraded in 20 years and had outdated technology with major OHS concerns.

The project involved re-designing structural platforms and foundation requirements for supporting these elevated platforms in the required location.

The risk of falling was high.

The original station stair way (as you can see from the photo) was very dangerous because the maintenance team had to drag equipment up very narrow stairs, with no safety railings and very little space to work on at the top of the platform. The risk of falling was high.

The original station also only had one electrical cabinet with limited diagnostic capability and very old worn out technology capability.

Design Revamp & Installation – Saving of $120,000!

After the site review with key project team members, it was decided to do a total design revamp.

A savings of $120,00 was created as a result dramatically simplifying the foundations and structural design, along with a smooth, streamlined implementation of the project, with no delays.

These design changes resulted in further net savings for the project of $25,000.
All up approximately 70% of the original platform was re-designed to translate to an estimated $35,000 fabrication and site installation savings.

Further to this, the original foundation designs were guiding the project towards considerable unbudgeted extra costs, requiring additional layer pads, retaining wall addition and removal of large surrounding trees. The original foundations design was going to require $70K for concreate and landscaping the revamp saved from $50K to $25.

All up approximately 70% of the original platform was re-designed to translate to an estimated $35,000 fabrication and site installation savings for the project.

The Result:

To minimize the risk of sewerage ending up in a nearby creek in case of flooding and loss of power, a new diesel generator was installed. This back-up generator could maintain power for 24 hours.  

The new control station system provided better remote feedback and monitoring capability to the council operators, with the latest apps connected to iPads to monitor operation. This gave full visibility to the whole operation of the control systems, pump levels and possible faults.

In addition, the addition of up-to-date safety requirements, new simplified stairs ($7K vs $18K build) and the ability for the maintenance team to do their work safely. The new simplified structural steel fabricated platform (with major savings on the build) gave space for the team to put their tools down safely without trip and falling.

Further, savings were made with the pre-assembled electrical systems and structure pre-assembled before going to site as the original plan was to have done most of the build on site which would have added weeks to the job.

The structure and simplified foundation designs received client approval. The structure was fabricated and hot-dipped galvanized, whilst the foundations were being laid and concreted. Followed by site installation of the structure, along with electrical services connection, site commissioning and project handover to the client all ahead of contractual deadlines.