Important Machine Safety Related Considerations For Your Next Equipment Purchase


​Hey everybody! This is Peter Schier of Scale Up Partners with a short video about some common machine safety related oversights to avoid when purchasing equipment for manufacturing facilities.

So in particular, the risks of purchasing equipment from overseas suppliers who may not adequately understand or appreciate the local risks of selling unguarded or even unsafe equipment into Australia.

In these situations of importing such equipment, the responsibility of ensuring a safe workplace and production processes falls back to the factory business owner and production managers of that facility.

The consequences to company officers and/or individual workers for seriously breaching State WHS ACT’s and/or codes of practices can result in severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

The consequences for an injured person or group of people however is often far more devastating, where serious accidents can lead to a lifetime of rehabilitation or adjusting to living with permanent disabilities.

I’ve witnessed on too many occasions equipment or entire production lines that have been purchased or operated with inadequate protective devices, such as suitable machine guarding, electrical safety circuits or even basic emergency stop push buttons.

On each occasion we work closely with factory management to assess the risks transpiring in front of us and act accordingly.

Unfortunately, the temptation of buying low cost, under spec’d production equipment often introduces many of these safety risks and business owners aren’t always immediately aware of the potential hazards being introduced into their factory.

Thus, it’s generally recommended to evaluate new machine designs against relevant Australian Safety standards and requesting machine electrical schematics for confirming electrical compliance and equipment manufacturers are required to provide design risk assessments with the equipment.

Typically, we assess anywhere from 10 to 20 safety factors during a machine selection process.

That’s where extensive experience of understanding what machine design questions to ask to ensure adequate compliance with Australian Safety standards with machine design and also once installed and commissioned.

OK, that’s all I wanted to discuss today and I look forward to sharing other insights in upcoming posts.

Goodbye for now.