Have You Ever Purchased Bad Equipment And Wished You’d Received Guidance?


Hey everybody! This is Peter Schier of Scale Up Partners with a short video about DUD production lines in manufacturing facilities.

In particular, have you ever purchased what we commonly describe as a “lemon” production machine or even worse an entire production line that proves to be a “lemon” or complete disaster for your organisation?

If so, you’re not alone in this journey of frustration and no doubt irritating cost burden to your business. As I’ve observed during visits to many factories in Australia and around the world, this experience just keeps repeating itself year on year.

When it comes to purchasing new equipment, I’ve witnessed firsthand how disruptive and personally confusing this task can be for business owner’s particularly when it’s not their core expertise or regular responsibility.

As such, I’ve dedicated my working career to constantly develop and refine strategies for design and selecting new equipment based around maximising the benefits for that organization for the lowest or smartest capital expenditure possible.

OK, that’s all I wanted to discuss today and I look forward to sharing other insights in upcoming posts.

Goodbye for now!