Engineering Audits

Scale Up Partners (SUP) conducts engineering audits of manufacturing facilities to help ensure suppliers follow best practices in manufacturing processes and quality control.  Our auditing processes have been developed from our extensive background in failure analysis and are designed to help the manufacturer improve the process and quality of the product while minimizing the risk of line failures.  

Working closely with clients, our team establishes the most appropriate source of equipment, materials and/or ingredient supply based on client and project requirements. Where clients specify particular brands of equipment or components due to standardization or proven site performance, the group works within these parameters.

While SUP engineers have a strong background in ISO 9001 auditing techniques and principles, the value we provide comes from our knowledge of how products fail on lines and how the manufacturing process can contribute to such failures.  As such, the focus of our audits is process-oriented, where the root of most manufacturing problems occurs, rather than only the quality system associated with the process.