How To Avoid The Biggest Pitfalls Of Manufacturing Expansions!

With increasing sales, you’ve noticed increasing restrictions in your facility’s capacity to efficiently keep growing. Larger production runs are taking longer to get through and you’re at risk of missing orders or declining new business.

This is a challenge that every growing factory will face on multiple occasions as it expands to its natural limits and tries to take advantage of growing orders and new business opportunities. Even the largest manufacturing companies around the world grapple with the dilemma of maximising sales from the existing facility versus when and how best to expand to enable the business to grow at the most optimal and sustainable growth rate.

One of the biggest challenges relating to grappling with this expansion dilemma is overcoming the mindset that whilst the current operation is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and difficult, it’s less concerning and less risky than jumping into purchasing equipment to expand current capability or capacity. 

The test for the CEO or business owner is to identify and separate out opportunities for further improvements vs opportunities for real scalable expansion that will lift the current production capability or capacity to a new level.

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