About Peter Schier

Peter knows what’s required to get the most from your most valuable assets—from your production staff who deal with daily production challenges, to process variables and operational disconnects between machines, to people and differing departments of the company—and how to incorporate this knowledge into potential new opportunities or upgrades.

Most of all, Peter knows what it takes to cut through all the sales “bull-dust” and get onto determining the important considerations around machine selection and developing an “all-integrated/all-optimised” engineered solution which will deliver the best available outcome and ensure operational excellence as part of any expansion or factory upgrade.

Expand Your Thinking / Expand Your Business is dedicated to “peeling back the onion layers” of roadblocks, deviations and diversions that prevent you from achieving growth and reaching your sales and ultimately your profit targets. It contains a compilation of Peter’s experiences and reflections which have provided invaluable life and career lessons, and which will be invaluable to business owners and decision makers in manufacturing.